So… you booked your family session. Now to plan outfits, bribe your kids (and husband) to smile, pretend like you are having a great time while 1 kid is crying and the other just ran away and has grass stains on their new jeans. TRUST ME, I understand how much work you wonderful mothers & patient fathers put into trying to make your photo session go perfectly. The reality is, it might not and that is perfectly fine! Here are 5 tips for a stress free and successful family session…

The second you book your session start to mentally prepare! You may have to throw all parenting techniques out the window – this may include (but not limited to) lots of candy & promises of new toys/ice cream cones, telling your child they are doing an EXCELLENT job and you are so proud of them even though they are throwing a fit. Plan for the worst, hope for the best and ALWAYS remember it is about the memories!

Choose clothing that you feel great in and that reflects your families style! Try to avoid clothing with large logos or wording. Don’t be afraid of accessories and mixing solids with a fun pattern.

Make sure your kids are well rested and have food in their bellies – even better, bring some treats along to keep them content. Since kids will be kids (and more than likely get sick of photos at some point), no worries – try your best to stay calm and let them have fun, I’m able to get some good candids during this time! Encourage your little ones, let them know they are “almost done!”.

To ensure natural, beautiful smiles from your littles I will do my best to get them to smile & giggle! Your job will be to encourage them to look at the camera. If too many people are trying to get a child to smile, chances are they wont be looking at the camera. Leave the smiles up to me and if I need some assistance, luckily, I have the two best side kicks in the world – PARENTS!

The getting ready process, the planning, choosing the outfits, and getting to the shoot on time may be stressful. Try your best to HAVE FUN with your family! Use this time as a bonding experience – laugh, tickle, and play with your little ones! Let them run & be kids – those candid photos always turn out so cute!

Thanks for reading!